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Logo Specifications Document

Logo Specifications Document explains the prescribed use of the Hanzon logo. To download a .pdf version the Logo Specifications Document Click here

Colour & Grayscale Logos

Please feel free to use these images in your publications

Embossed Logo - Bitmap .pdf

HANZON-JOBS-Logo.jpg click to download
HANZON-Logo-embossed-BLK-GREY.pdf click to download

Not Embossed Logo - Vector .pdf

HANZON-Logo-Vector-BLK-GREY click to download
HANZON-Logo-Vector-BLK-RGB click to download
HANZON-Logo-Vector-GREY click to download
HANZON-Logo-Vector-RGB click to download

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If you are having trouble seeing what you are looking for or require a variation of the formats above please contact: Richard Houston work@hanzonjobs.co.nz or his designers: Cloake Design roselyn@cloake.co.nz | back to top

Colour Specifications

The Hanzon Jobs logo can only be used in the prescribed “vertical format” and should always be reproduced exactly from either electronic files or reproduction bromides. No attempt should be made to re draw or substitute typefaces. Where possible, and when reproduction medium allows, this is the correct use of the logo.

click to download

Monochrome, Preferred version for single colour reproduction, internal word processing and photocopying. Reversal, When printing in colour on a dark or photographic backgrounds, the logo should be reversed as specified. NB: Never surround the logo with white box or white keyline.

Colour Formats


C (cyan) M (magenta) Y (yellow) and K (Black).
Can be reproduced in conjunction with other CMYK images (i.e.: color photographs). Suitable for photocopiers, off set printing and other CMYK printers.


R (Red) G (Green) B (Blue) colours; used in electronic publishing and printing on inkjet printers.

Black / white gray scale

For continuous tone black and white. Suitable for black and white photocopying and faxing.

Spot color

Can be reproduced in economical spot color printing.

File Formats

BITMAP (PIXEL) File format

Electronic reproduction files. Not editable or highly scalable (enlargement). Suitable for viewing on monitors and fixed resolution printing. Supplied as .JPG, .GIF and .TIF files.

.PDF (SHAPE) (Portable document format)

The .PDF with shape files is a cross platform printable version of stationery art. Perfect for in-house printing/color proofing. Can be scaled indefinitely with out loosing quality. Supplied as .PDF

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Adverts advertising "get workers"



HOJ 1_4pg RCAM08.pdf

HOJ 1_4pg RCAM08.pdf





Student Placement Opportunities


A3 poster
CMYK, 300dpi
297x420 includes 3mm bleed

A4 poster
CMYK, 300dpi
216x297includes 3mm bleed

Work Play Travel Poster


A3 poster
CMYK, 300dpi
297x420 includes 3mm bleed

Summer Season Work


A3 poster
CMYK, 300dpi
297x420 includes 3mm bleed

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Photography for Print Reproduction

David Pidsley

click to download the larger version 4.10MB

Sid Tucker

Sid Tucker

click to download the larger version 1.3MB

Mark and Sid Tucker

Sid & Mark Tucker

click to download the larger version 3MB

Mark Cotty

Mark Cotty

click to download the larger version 5.71MB

Hanzon in the media

Farmers Guardian July 2008.pdf

Business Card

HANZON - Biz card 110603front.pdf

HANZON - Biz card 110603back.pdf

Size: 96mm x 61mm
Final Size: 90mm x 55mm
Trim: Please trim off 3mm bleed
Colour: Printed full colour - Double sided
Card: 250gsm card stock
Laminate: Micro Matt Laminate
Quantity & Delivery: Please have them ready for Richard Houston as you discussed with him.

Please don't hesitate if you need anything. As usual your final checking will be appreciated, but we ask to be consulted on any changes made to the quote, artwork or printing. Changes made without our approval will be subject to non-payment.

If you have any further requirements please contact: Richard Houston work@hanzonjobs.co.nz or his designers: Cloake Design roselyn@cloake.co.nz

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