Interview Timetable

Richard is back in New Zealand but there are still jobs available. Please register and put in an application to work in New Zealand.

Once you have registered you will need to arrange an interview with Hanzon. Please phone Richard NZ 0064 27 615 6693. (Please remember the time zone difference, the best time to call is in the UK evening after 8:00pm).

The interview will be very informal and is really just a chance for us to get to know you as this helps Hanzon make a job placement that suits. If you have any friends that are keen then tell them to make contact through the website. Before your interview you will need to sort out job references (which needs to include details of tasks you performed for that employer) and organise 4 passport photos.

2. Email your travel details

Email your travel timetable and who you are traveling with to:

3. Provide photos, reference & CV

Please provide two passport photos and a collection of references and your CV.