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Get Hands on Jobs in the South Island


A summer season in New Zealand will give you an introduction to the very best of Kiwi culture. The challenge of thinking for yourself and working in one of the great agriculture countries in the world will open up opportunities, enhance your work skills and experience, bring a wealth of new friends and a boost to your self confidence.


About the South Island



  • The seasonal cycle is similar to the North Island but runs a bit later

  • Quantities of bailing and tube wrapping are done in Canterbury January-February

  • Whole crop is popular, cultivations taking place in Autumn or Spring. Maize is on the increase

  • Farmers tend to cut for high quality, this means sometimes 3 or 4 cuts (a bit frustrating for UK workers use to heavy English grass crops!)

  • The South Island has large high country estates, some making up to a 1000 acres of silage in one cut

  • The Canterbury Plains are host to the fastest growing diary sector in New Zealand, with most farms being in excess of 700 cows


  • The big sky of the high country, an open tussock land of breath taking beauty with the Southern Alps towering the skyline and fantastic lakes

  • Plentiful opportunity for high adventure activities from white water rafting, kayaking, bungy jumping and sky diving to climbing, whale watching and swimming with the dolphins

  • The adventure centre of Queenstown and the tramping heartland of Fiordland

Hands on Jobs in the North Island


“Matching the right job with the right worker” says Richard Houston, “ is a formula that makes for success. The contractor is happy and the worker is happy. The work will be hard but Hanz On Jobs will ensure that hard work is fully rewarded.”


“Above all else” says Richard, “I want seasonal workers to have a great New Zealand experience.”







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